March Fixtures


Sun26Captain v Vice Captain
Mon27Advanced Extra Medal
Wed29Gents Stableford

April Fixtures


Sun2Gents April Eclectic
Sun2Ladies Eclectic *
Sat1Junior Medal
Sun2Junior Medal
Mon3Senior Gents – Cruden Bay v Alford
Mon3Senior Ladies Quaich
Mon3Advanced Extra Medal
Wed5Gents Medal
Thu6Ladies Stableford *
Fri7Senior Stableford & Eclectic
Sat8Junior Medal & (Novice - Eclectic)
Sun9Junior Medal & (Novice - Eclectic)
Sun9Gents April Medal/Breda Rosebowl Qualifier (8) (Closing date for all Comps)
Sun9Ladies Extra Medal *
Mon10Advanced April Medal
Mon10Senior Gents – Kemnay v Alford
Wed12Gents Eclectic
Thu13Ladies Hay Trophy *
Sat15Ladies Fun Competition/Supper
Sat15Junior Medal
Sun16Junior Medal
Sun16Gents Clydesdale Bank Qualifier (16)
Sun16Ladies Eclectic *
Mon17Advanced April Stableford
Tue18Senior Gents – Alford v Meldrum House
Wed19Gents Stableford
Thu20Ladies Spring Meeting/April Medal/Eclectic *
Fri21Senior Medal & Eclectic *
Sun23Gents April Stableford
Sun23Ladies Stableford *
Sat22Junior April Medal
Sun23Junior April Medal
Mon24Advanced April Eclectic
Wed26Gents Medal
Thu27Ladies Flag Competition/Extra Medal/Charity *
Sat 29Junior Medal
Sun30Junior Medal
Sun30Gents Medal
Sun30Ladies Medal *

May Fixtures


Mon1Senior Ladies Quaich
Mon1Advanced May Medal
Tue2C.A.D.S. – Alford
Wed3Gents Eclectic
Thu4Ladies May Medal/Eclectic/Breda Rosebowl *
Fri5Senior Gents Stableford & Eclectic
Sat6W & M Stuart Ladies Open
Sat6Junior May Medal
Sun7Junior May Medal
Sun7Gents May Eclectic
Sun7Ladies Eclectic *
Sun7Closing date for Ladies Matchplay Comps
Sun7Closing date for Advanced Junior Matchplay Comps
Mon8Advanced May Stableford
Mon8Senior Gents – Inverurie v Alford
Wed10Gents Stableford
Thu11Ladies May Stableford *
Sat13Gents Open
Sat13Junior Medal
Sun14Junior Medal
Sun14Gents May Medal
Sun14Ladies Extra Medal *
Mon15Senior Gents Medal & Eclectic*
Mon15Advanced May Eclectic
Tue16C.A.D.S. – Portlethen
Tue16Pennant – Newmachar v Alford
Wed17Gents Medal
Thu18Ladies Coronation Foursomes *
Sat20Junior Medal & (Novice - Eclectic)
Sun21Junior Medal & (Novice - Eclectic)
Sun21Gents May Stableford/Norco Cup
Sun21Ladies Stableford *
Mon22Advanced Extra Medal
Mon22Senior Gents – Hopeman v Alford
Tue23C.A.D.S. - Newmachar
Wed24Gents Eclectic
Thu25Ladies Captain’s Cup (Stableford) *
Thu25GDL – Kintore v Alford
Thu25Senior Gents – Aboyne v Alford
Sat27Mixed Texas Scramble Open
Sat27Junior Medal
Sun28Junior Medal
Sun28Gents Medal
Sun28Ladies Extra Medal *
Mon29Senior Gents – Alford v Ballater
Mon29Advanced June Medal
Tue30C.A.D.S. – Dunecht
Tue30GDL – Alford v Kemnay
Wed31Gents Stableford

June Fixtures


Thu1Ladies June Medal/Eclectic/Frances McColl Qualifier *
Sat3Junior June Medal
Sat3Gents June Eclectic
Sat3Ladies Eclectic *
Sun4Mixed Greensomes Open
Sun4Junior June Medal
Mon5Senior Ladies Quaich
Mon5Advanced June Stableford
Tue6Senior Gents Open
Tue6Pennant – Alford v Oldmeldrum
Wed7Gents Medal
Thu8Ladies Summer Meeting/Extra Medal/Bra Lass Trophy *
Thu8C.A.D.S. – Peterculter
Fri9Grieve/McArthur Trophy (Mixed Senior/Junior)
Sat10Junior Medal
Sun11Junior Medal
Sun11Gents June Medal
Sun11Ladies Extra Medal *
Mon12Senior Ladies Silver Inkwell Trophy
Mon12Senior Gents Medal & Stableford*
Mon12Advanced Junior Club Championship Round 1
Mon12Novice Junior Club Championship Round 1
Wed14Gents Eclectic
Thu15Ladies Club Championship Round 1/Extra Medal *
Thu15GDL – Insch v Alford
Fri16Sponsors Day
Sat17Gents Greensomes Open
Sat17Medal & (Novice - Eclectic)
Sun18Medal & (Novice - Eclectic)
Sun18Gents June Stableford
Sun18Ladies June Stableford *
Mon19Advanced Junior Club Championship Round 2
Mon19Novice Junior Club Championship Round 2
Mon19C.A.D.S. – Inverurie
Tue20Senior Gents – Alford v Cruden Bay
Tue20GDL – Alford v Oldmeldrum
Wed21Gents Stableford
Thu22Ladies Club Championship Round 2/Extra Medal *
Sat24Gents Club Championship Round 1
Sat24Junior Medal & (Novice - Martin Reid Cup)
Sun25Junior Medal & (Novice - Martin Reid Cup)
Sun25Gents Club Championship Round 2
Mon26Advanced June Eclectic
Tue27Pennant – Alford v Inverurie
Wed28Gents Medal
Thu29Ladies Club Championship Round 3/Extra Medal *

July Fixtures


Sat1Gents Club Championship Rounds 3 & 4
Sat1Junior July Medal
Sun2Junior July Medal
Sun2Gents Medal
Sun2Ladies Eclectic *
Mon3Senior Ladies Quaich
Mon3Advanced July Medal
Tue4C.A.D.S. – Tarland
Wed5Gents Eclectic
Thu6Ladies July Stableford & Spar Trophy *
Fri7Gents Spence Cup (3 club competition)
Sat8Junior Medal
Sat8Ladies Four Ball Better Ball
Sun 9Junior Medal
Sun9Gents July Eclectic
Sun9Ladies Eclectic *
Mon10Senior Ladies Silver Inkwell Trophy
Mon10Senior Gents – Alford v Kemnay
Mon10Pennant – Meldrum House v Alford
Mon10Advanced July Stableford
Wed12Gents Stableford
Thu13Ladies July Medal/Eclectic *
Thu13C.A.D.S. – Kintore
Sat15Gents Texas Scramble Open
Sat15Junior Medal
Sun16Junior Medal
Sun16Save the Children – Mixed Foursomes
Mon17Senior Gents Stableford & Eclectic
Mon17Advanced July Eclectic
Wed19Gents Medal
Wed19GDL – Dunecht v Alford
Thu20Ladies Bra Lass Trophy/Charity *
Thu20C.A.D.S. – Oldmeldrum 
Fri21Senior Gents – Insch v Alford 
Sat22Junior Medal & (Novice – Eclectic)
Sun23Junior Medal & (Novice – Eclectic)
Sun23Gents July Medal
Sun23Ladies Extra Medal *
Mon24Senior Gents Bob Holden Trophy – Four Ball Better Ball
Mon24Advanced Extra Medal
Tue25Junior Open
Wed26Gents Eclectic
Wed26C.A.D.S. – Westhill
Thu27Ladies Greensomes
Fri28Senior Gents Medal & Stableford*
Sat29Ross Scott Texas Scramble
Sat29Junior Medal
Sun30Junior Medal
Sun30Gents July Stableford
Sun30Ladies Stableford *
Mon31Senior Ladies Quaich
Mon31Advanced Extra Medal

August Fixtures


Tue1Senior Gents – Alford v Insch
Wed2Gents Stableford
Thu3Ladies August Medal/Eclectic *
Sat5Whitecraigs Salver – Mixed Foursomes
Sat5Junior Medal
Sun6Junior Medal
Sun6Gents August Eclectic
Sun6Ladies Eclectic *
Mon7Senior Ladies Silver Inkwell Trophy
Mon7Senior Gents – Alford v Inverurie
Mon7Advanced August Medal
Wed9Gents Medal
Thu10Ladies Autumn Meeting *
Thu10C.A.D.S – Insch 
Thu10NESSGA – Alford 
Fri11Senior Gents Away Day 
Sat12Junior Medal
Sun13Junior Medal
Sun13Gents August Medal.
Sun13Ladies Extra Medal *
Mon14Senior Gents Medal & Eclectic & Stewart Shield Final
Mon14Advanced August Stableford
Tue15C.A.L.S. – Alford
Tue15Senior Gents –Meldrum House v Alford
Wed16Gents Eclectic
Thu17Ladies August Stableford
Fri18Senior Gents Greensome – Donside Tyres
Sat19Gents Open
Sat19Junior Medal & (Novice - Eclectic)
Sun20Junior Medal & (Novice - Eclectic)
Sun20Gents August Stableford
Sun20Ladies Stableford *
Mon21Advanced August Eclectic
Mon21C.A.D.S - Kemnay
Wed23Gents Stableford
Thu24Ladies 9 Hole/3 Club Competition
Thu24Senior Gents – Ballater v Alford
Sat26Junior August Medal
Sun27Junior August Medal
Sun27Gents Medal
Sun27Ladies Extra Medal *
Mon28Senior Ladies Quaich
Mon28Senior Gents Stableford & Eclectic
Mon28Advanced Extra Medal
Tue29C.A.D.S. – Ellon
Wed30Gents Medal

September Fixtures


Sat2Ladies Greensomes Open
Sat2Junior September Medal
Sun3Junior September Medal
Sun3Gents September Eclectic
Sun3Ladies September Eclectic *
Mon4Coring of the Greens Commencing
Mon4Advanced September Medal/P McKenzie Cup (Medal Winners)
Wed6Gents Eclectic
Sat9Junior Medal & (Novice - Sandy Comfort Cup)
Sun10Junior Medal & (Novice - Sandy Comfort Cup)
Sun10Gents September Medal & Scottish Brewers Shield (Medal Winners)
Sun 10Ladies Correen & Campbell Cups Play-off
Mon11Senior Gents – Alford v Hopeman
Mon11Advanced September Stableford/Gibson Cup (Stableford Winners)
Tue12C.A.D.S – Huntly
Wed13Gents Stableford
Sat16Gents Texas Scramble Open
Sat16Ladies Fun Competition/Supper
Sat16Junior Medal
Sun17Junior Medal
Sun17Gents September Stableford & Skol Cup
Sun17Ladies Fairfield Cup (Stableford Qualifiers)
Mon18Advanced September Eclectic
Tue19Senior Gents Greensome Open
Wed20Gents Medal
Thu21Senior Gents – Alford v Aboyne
Sat23Junior Medal & (Novice – Eclectic)
Sun24Junior Medal & (Novice – Eclectic)
Sun24Captain’s Day
Mon25Advanced Extra Medal
Wed27Gents Eclectic
Sat30Junior Medal

October Fixtures


Sun 1 Junior Medal 
Sun 1 Gents October Medal
Sun 1 Ladies October Medal *
Mon 2 Advanced October Medal
Wed 4 Gents Stableford
Sun 8 Gents October Stableford
Sun 8 Ladies Stableford *

October - March Fixtures

HPF Winter Sweep

December Fixtures


Fri8Seniors Christmas Lunch